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Warm Corp West is an ESOP, comprised of individual employee-owners.

 We are passionate about our technology,

provide proprietary, highly engineered systems,

and are obsessed with the finest and most responsive service anywhere.


Michael Luttrell,

President & Founder

Michael’s passion lies in adventure and exploration, mostly in activities like whitewater kayaking and canoeing, mountaineering, caving, diving, and skiing. Fascinated with foreign cultures and ancient civilizations, he has visited 65 countries and the ruins from Skara Brae to Angkor Wat to the Masai Mara.


Ra Energy, founded in 1977 as an alternative energy company, was based on Michael’s 20 years of experience in aerospace R&D and nuclear technologies. With his signature spirit for adventure and exploration, Michael has grown that alternative energy startup into Warm Corp West, a leading design-engineering company in hydronic radiant technology.


Eric Ruschmeyer,

Lead Mechanical Designer

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Energy Management from Sonoma State University in 1991, Eric joined the Warm Corp West team as an Energy Analyst and Estimator. 

During his early years with Warm Corp West, he was a vital member of the Installation team.  Eric has since moved to the Design and Engineering Department, combining his hands-on experience and exhaustive knowledge of radiant systems to direct all installation and service. 


Larry Scanlon,

Design Engineering Manager

A member of the Warm Corp West team since 1990, Larry is an expert in designing and perfecting hydronic radiant systems. 


Whether he is abalone diving with his wife off the Northern Pacific Coast, backpacking through the wilderness, or designing our proprietary Warm Floors systems, Larry's supreme eye for detail allows him to perceive the intricacies of the challenges before him.


Kimberly Hinton,

Office Manager

Kim began at Warm Corp West in 2013.

In her free time, Kim is an avid painter who uses acrylics and oil pastels to paint portraits of the people and animals in her life.

Don't let her artistic talent fool you, though. As our Office Manager, Kim is meticulously organized and possesses an esoteric knowledge of billing, contracts, and legal procedures.


Kristine Andriessen,

Lead Estimator

A Warm Corp West Estimator since 2018, Kristine is the first person with whom a client interacts after inquiring about our systems. Helpful and personable, she guides clients through the proposal process.

When she isn’t assisting clients, Kristine enjoys hiking and biking through nature. She also takes care of the myriad animals that roam her property every day, including cows, deer, dogs, cats, and coyotes. A maverick through and through, Kristine has lived in several countries across Europe—including Spain, Holland, Greece, England, and Scotland—where she honed her keen knack for networking and making connections with various peoples.


Jay Formo,

Lead Service Technician

Before joining the Warm Corp West team in 1998, Jay accrued several years of experience in landscape construction, installing and maintaining irrigation systems. Jay loves the variety and complexity he encounters as a service technician. As the most senior technician at Warm Corp West, Jay can reliably troubleshoot any of our hydronic radiant systems. His motto is to always “leave a job better than he found it,” in perfect working order.

Jay is also an undeniably fervent skateboarder, snowboarder, and surfer. He has spent the last decade producing and judging amateur skateboard contests along the West Coast. Outside of competitions, Jay is happiest with his wife and family, hiking mountain trails or at an Oakland A’s game.


Alex Lopez,

Lead Installation Technician

Alex began his employment at Warm Corp West in 2006. He hales from Nicaragua, where he built houses for several years. Charismatic and hardworking, Alex is a natural leader for our installation team. 


Alex values family and relationships above all and, if asked about his life's purpose, he will point to his daughter. He finds motivation in the people around him; his family, his friends, and his coworkers push him to achieve greater and do better every day. A social creature outside of work, Alex enjoys relaxing with his family and playing baseball with friends.


Sergio Gonzalez,

Lead Service Technician

Warm Corp West team member since 2004.

WarmFloorsDSC_4437 (1).jpg

Baron Brooks,

Installation Technician

Warm Corp West team member since 2018.

Daniel Roodzant,

Installation Technician


Daniel Roodzant,

Installation Technician

Warm Corp West team member sinc


Renee Babcock,


Warm Corp West team member since 2018.

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