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We have a social and moral responsibility to you, to our staff, and to the community at large to respond to this pandemic. We are staying informed and implementing verifiable, science-backed methods to slow the virus spread. 


We monitor the science constantly, read reports from the WHO, FDA, CDC, NIH and other reputable agencies and institutions; we rely only on vetted scientific sources and avoid unscientific rumors on social media.  


Scientists and researchers are still struggling to understand how the virus spreads, infects, replicates, and affects different segments of the population. We do know that the primary points of transmission are hands and aerosol dispersion. We also know that elders are more at risk, and certain common underlying conditions (comorbidities) can double or triple the chance of death.  


We know that the proper implementation of face masks, handwashing, alcohol sanitizing gels and wipes, and social distancing are verifiable methods used to slow viral spread. In that light, Warm Corp West has instituted each of these methods—and others—rigorously.  


What else are we doing to protect your health?


  • All payments at Warm Corp West are contactless for your safety and convenience. 



  • Within the Warm Corp West office, our appointed Health and Safety Officer has set up personal health stations that include disposable masks, gloves, contactless thermometers, and hand sanitizer.

  • Each office worker has been given an unlimited personal supply of hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. 

  • We have arranged our office so that each person’s workspace is protected from the others with cubicle walls and 6 feet of space on all sides. 

  • We wear masks and practice social distancing any time that we step away from our isolated workspaces as well as during all one-on-one meetings. 

  • We employ Zoom for any large business meeting. 



  • Out in the field, our installation and service techs employ the same social distancing practices as in the office. 

  • Each tech has been given an unlimited personal supply of hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. 

  • The implementation of this personal protective equipment and proper social distancing while out in the field is enforced by our Health and Safety Officer.  



  • Though we have made every effort to streamline our business practices in a contactless way, there remain rare instances when an in-house or out-of-office meeting is required. In these instances, we come prepared with masks and hand sanitizer and employ social distancing practices. 

  • We also limit the number of people involved in these meetings to minimize possible risks.  



  • We can all agree that times are frustrating. Dawning a mask before every face to face interaction, distancing ourselves from friends and family, limiting our weekend outings—these measures are undeniably draining for the human psyche. We understand this frustration and how easy it is to become complacent and lax in these measures over time. However, we also understand the dire need for these cautionary procedures—the need for vigilance. Therefore, Warm Corp West will avoid complacency and remain a vigilant participant in the fight against Covid-19. 

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