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Over Wood

  • Pex Pipe is stapled down to the wooden subfloor.

  • The secured pipe is then covered with concrete, Level Rock gypsum, or mortar and membrane. 

  • This method is a relatively inexpensive, the quickest to install, and provides the most responsive performance.


We have several installation methods for Warm Floors including Staple-Down over Wood, Staple Down Over Concrete, Hilti-Down, Tie-Down, HeatPly, and Staple-Up.

Which installation method we use will depend on several factors like floor construction technique, floor height availability, finished floor type, budget constraints, performance needs, and project time constraints.


Over Concrete

  • A layer of rigid foam insulation is installed atop the existing concrete slab.

  • Pex Pipe is fastened to this foam using plastic staples.

  • The secured pipe is then covered with concrete or Level Rock gypsum.

  • This method is used to insulate an existing concrete slab before installing Pex Pipe.

  • The use of rigid foam over existing concrete is preferred because it increases response time of the system.

to Concrete

  • Pex Pipe is fastened to existing concrete slabs using powder-activated nails (aka Hilti Nails) and half round conduit clips.

  • The secured pipe is then covered with concrete, Level Rock gypsum, or mortar and membrane. 

  • This method is only used in projects where there is an existing concrete slab and where surface insulation is not required.

in Concrete

  • Pex Pipe is tied down to metal rebar or 6"x6" mesh inside of a new concrete slab.

  • The Tie Down method is used when there is a new concrete slab.

  • While inexpensive, this method offers a slower response time because the heat must warm the concrete slab before radiating into the building.


  • 5/8" thick Plywood with precut grooves is screwed and glued to subfloor.

  • Pex Pipe is pressed into the precut grooves.

  • HeatPly is directly covered with finished wood flooring. Finished tile or carpet require an additional substrate.

  • This method is used only when floor height is limited to 5/8".

  • HeatPly is the most expensive application.


  • Pex Pipe is stapled up underfloor to subfloor or joists. The secured pipe is then covered with foil-faced fiberglass insulation.

  • Staple-Up is only used when there is already a finished floor in place and there is no other option.

  • It is slow to install, slow to respond, and labor intensive.