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2020 Morgan Fire Rebuild with Ray Magic Cool Ceilings™

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The Project

In 1995, Warm Corp West designed and installed Warm Floors™ for Bruce and Taylor Morgan and their children. For over two decades, our radiant heating system enhanced the comfort and efficiency of their home.

Unfortunately, Bruce and Taylor Morgan lost their house in the tragic wildfires of 2017. Now, in 2020, they are rebuilding the exact same house. The Morgans and their children loved Warm Floors™ in the original build so much that they asked us to install another hydronic radiant system in their rebuild.

This time, however, we are installing our newest product, Cool Ceilings™, consisting of Ray Magic panels and controls from Messana.

Messana’s Ray Magic panels and controls, installed by Warm Corp West, comprise the most sophisticated and efficient heating-cooling system in the world. The Cool Ceilings™ system is totally invisible and silent. Cool Ceilings™ provides both hydronic radiant heating and cooling through pipes concealed in the ceiling.

The Morgan project consists of almost 6000 square feet of conditioned space and includes 19 separate conditioned zones.

The Install

Ray Magic panels are prefabricated with pipe and insulation, ready to be mounted in the ceiling. Messana offers naked panels as well as panels with gypsum sheetrock already attached. For this job, we purchased naked panels as they are more convenient and flexible in use.

For any radiant system install, selecting a heat source that meets the specific project needs is crucial. We carefully considered all parameters of the Morgan Rebuild and selected the Solstice air-to-water reversible heat pump. This all-electric heat pump is photovoltaic-friendly, future-forward, and by far the most efficient available heat source.

Once we had the materials and the heat source squared away, we installed the Ray Magic panels. We connected the panels to distribution manifolds and tested for flow and pressure to ensure there was no flaw in the system--no fly in the ointment. A job well done, the panels were covered with sheetrock as normal and the invisible system was ready to provide the Morgans with unparalleled comfort and efficiency for years to come.

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